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Holochess Knob Set


1 set of 10 Holochess Table Knobs machined from 6061 Aluminum. Each has a 6mm hole in the back side for mounting on a switch.



Price: $90.00

Holochess Top
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24" diameter, 1/8" thick aluminum plate that has been spin-grained and allowed to oxidize so fingerprints don't embed into the surface. While every effort is made for perfection, there are inhererant places in the material that do not grain perfectly and there can be a very slight divit where the laser pierces the material for cutting.

Cannot ship to the UK due to new VAT requirements. Orders to the UK have to be greather than $180 USD plus shipping.

As international shipping is very expensive due to the box size, if you are outside the US, select shipping - "Everywhere Else", and I'll send you a shipping quote. Be aware the cost is estimated between $60 and $100+ outside the US. Somewhat less to Canada.



Price: $183.50
Out of Stock

Fringe Dress Brass Lapel Pin


Polished brass Fringe Division pins seen on dress uniforms in the Season 4 episode "The Consultant" during the funeral. 1.025" tall with a single pin clasp on the back.

Price shown here includes postage.

Patch not included, shown for scale only


Price: $15.00


This is a Boba Fett jetpack greeblie machined to match the found part, including the important correct pitch on the knurled end. The tip does not unscrew like the found part, but displays the same.

Price: $35.00


Boba Fett replica rocket, complete with accurate copper tip. This rocket is based off actual measurements of a real piece and comes in 3 pieces, which screw together. This is a new version for 2018, and is the most accurate replica ever made.

Price includes shipping to domestic U.S. addresses. Please select shipping location below.

Price: $250.00

1 Replica TI Exacta 20 Bubblestrip


If out of stock, email philip@rebelscum.com with plans to purchase and I'll advise next run schedule.

Replica TI Exactra 20 Bubble Strip (this is the one with all 7 bubbles) for your custom lightsaber build. This is essentially a perfect copy, indistiguishable from a real TI bubble strip. It will come with the ends sanded off so it can't be used to actually replace a TI strip in a calculator maliciously.

Price $30.00, + $6.00 US domestic shipping. Elsewhere is +$7.50.

How to prepare strips for your saber install can be found at THERPF.com here: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=62238

Please be aware that while these look identical to a real bubble strip, the plastic is not as forgiving if you bend it. It will snap before a real one will, so be careful when handling.


Price: $36.00
Out of Stock

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